Some truths about colour corrections


We all love a great before and after! I've been doing quite a few colour corrections lately and I wanted to share some of them with you all. A colour correction isn't always changing from dark to blonde, it can be red to brunette, blonde to brown or blonde to pastel tones. Whenever we're changing your hair colour, that is more than likely a colour correction. We are correcting the overall tone or depth of the colour you walk in with everytime you walk into the salon. The photos below are ordered before and then after. If you would like to see more of my work, please feel free to check out Instagram and Facebook. 

One question you will always be asked by any good hairdresser is 'what products do you use at home?'. This is an important question because what you use at home can impact the results that the hairdresser is going to be able to achieve. For example, if you use Tresemme or Pantene at home, these products cause a chemical reaction with colouring products and that reaction causes damage to the hair. By using a salon quality product you're protecting your hair from chemical damage, sun damage and heat styling.

In salon, we offer quite a few take home products from multiple brands. KMS moist repair is a great all rounder, it offers colour protection, moisturising and reparative. Revlon Professional offer Uniqone all-in-one styling treatment, this product will replace quite a few products in your bathroom cupboard. This product offers benefits such as Shine, Frizz control, Heat Protection, UV Filters, Adds Body and prevents split ends. Using these products will help maintain your colour, help to repair, while adding shine and easy styling, without breaking the bank. 

So many people have now heard of and used Olaplex to help repair their damaged hair. Olaplex isn’t the only product out there to give us the great results that we’ve all grown to love. L’Oreal Smart Bond is a new product in the industry, but it is the best I’ve come across. Not only does it repair your hair while it's being coloured, it helps to moisturise and bring life back to your hair. You’ll now see Smart Bond on the shelves for you to take home and try it for yourself. You will love the results, I know I do! 

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The absolute best compliment you can give your hairdresser is a referral. I would like to remind you that you will be rewarded for sending your friends to see me. Not only will you be giving your friend great hair, you will be getting yourself a little reward for doing so. Just let your friends know to mention your referral on their first visit. 

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